London, UK,

Why is brand important?

Julian Walker, Group Corporate Affairs Director

When talking about communications the indiscriminate use of words like advertising, marketing and PR implies they are synonymous with branding.

They all form part of the whole and to understand their connection is key for any company trying to promote itself because without first establishing its brand identity, a company is unlikely to receive a good return on its investment.

Technology entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos, says: “A brand for the company is like reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

And a company’s brand is therefore far more than its logo. It is about the culture behind the identity.

We are a new business, with a bold ambition to deliver and enhance the best of ourselves and our skills in a new environment where we can deliver what we are calling ‘connected excellence’ to our customers.

Our brand embodies a bright sense of purpose - one of differentiation from the crowd – and our logo’s bold imagery and use of colour reflects what we are and what we want to be for our customers, shareholders and employees.

Looking at the elements of the logo itself, the overlapping radial signs show the interweaving and sharing of our skills and expertise across our markets and sectors globally. The separate green radial shows our receptiveness to new ideas, thought processes and diverse approach to our work. The colour purple indicates leadership, strength and creativity, married with the impression of confidence, dynamism and faithfulness in the blue, while lime green overlays energy, freshness and awareness. The combination of colours and the precisely engineered logo sets us apart in our thinking and actions and makes a bold statement for our ambition.

As Steve Jobs, another technology entrepreneur put it: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

This is what our brand is about, and it is up to absolutely everyone in our new exciting organisation to ensure that we continue to earn the reputation we believe we deserve.

Meet the blogger

Julian has spent almost 30 years in corporate reputation management, in both senior in-house and consultancy positions. He has advised companies on all aspects of targeted business communications, from privatisations to cross-border mergers & acquisitions, ground-breaking debt and equity offerings to financial calendar and advertising/brand marketing. His broader business experience includes establishing and running successful companies, financial restructuring of not-for-profit organisations, and corporate/charity fund-raising.Julian is chairman of a youth-focused philanthropic investment fund and is author of The Cape Crusaders – about his experiences driving a Dennis fire engine from the northern-most tip of Europe to the southern-most point in Africa.