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Resilient business; resilient world

Fran Fay, Head of Sustainability

Today marks another significant milestone on our sustainability journey: the 15th anniversary of our first sustainability programme and the launch of our new sustainability strategy – Resilient World.

Over the past six months, we have been reviewing our business and listening to our stakeholders to identify what our key areas of focus should be. This knowledge, understanding and our ambition to be a leader in sustainable business practice has enabled us to develop our new strategy and define our long term ambitions in key areas.

We have a clear vision of what we need to contribute if we are to build a Resilient World. A world where all people are equal and where everyone has access to clean water, energy, education and a safe environment. A world which is adaptable to change.

For that world to exist, we need cleaner and more efficient solutions to access a stable and secure supply of natural resources. And we need to work in partnership with others to respond to new demands and expectations.

Our strategy is all about connecting excellence. It is about developing and combining the knowledge, expertise and ingenuity of our people. It is about finding creating the solutions for those global challenges. It is about building a Resilient World.

Meet the blogger

Fran FayFran has worked as a sustainability professional within the company for eight years, supporting the development and integration of the sustainability culture.

She has an understanding of global sustainable development issues, with the experience and knowledge to translate these into local and personal action programmes appropriate to the business and culture.

Fran is experienced in global carbon accounting, reporting in line with external reporting requirements and standards. She continues to support the organisation in reducing its carbon emissions in line with long term targets and milestones.

She is responsible for the development of Amec Foster Wheeler's annual sustainability report in line with Global Reporting Initiative standards, and UN Global Compact COP requirements. She regularly engages with internal and external stakeholder groups to ensure that they understand our sustainability culture, and that we continue to improve our communications and our programme where applicable.