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Let's talk about sustainability - the Amec Foster Wheeler way

Fran Fay, Group Sustainability Director

The United Nation’s World Environment Day (5 June), now in its 42nd year, has developed into a day to raise awareness of and take action on issues from 'marine pollution and global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime'. It has grown to become a platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.

As an environmentally responsible company, at Amec Foster Wheeler we place a great emphasis on sustainability. Our ‘Resilient World’ sustainable strategy is one year old, but our approach to sustainability goes back decades - as you would expect from a business in more than 50 countries. Our actions, and therefore our goals, for sustainability are global. Our impact on the world's environment can be substantial and long lasting. So, as we publish our 2015 sustainability performance report, it's appropriate that we pause to reflect on the progress we have made during the past year.

Our sustainability strategy is about delivering cleaner and more efficient solutions, and working with others to build a more Resilient World.

In practice that starts by ensuring a solid foundation built on excellent business practices, mirroring the delivery of our values and behaviours, our commitments to the UN Global Compact principles, as well as reflecting and considering international agreements and how we can support their delivery. We have worked throughout the year to define what this foundation looks like, and what we believe success in those areas means – we call this our foundation of excellence.

Our report highlights just a few of the projects delivered in 2015 which include resilience and efficiency, for example, utilisation of 3DS Max software to animate design features to aid our Inherently Safe by Design process on the BP Clair Ridge and GDF Cygnus projects; formulation of a global team of experts to support the environmental remediation of contaminated soil in Kuwait oil fields on the KERP project; and delivery of a 250MW solar project under budget, ahead of schedule and safely in unique and challenging working conditions on the Copper Mountain Solar Project.

We continue to embed sustainability principles into the delivery of our projects, working towards the development and roll-out of a consistent baseline for sustainability across all our projects. And we encourage the development, utilisation and sharing of innovative solutions and services which will form our resilience innovation portfolio to deliver further efficiencies and environmental improvements for our customers.

Our sustainability report is online, built as a live evolving reporting space, with the ability for readers to build their own report content based on particular interests. The content always includes the latest information, news, project examples and progress on our programmes.

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Meet the blogger

Fran FayFran has worked as a sustainability professional within the company for eight years, supporting the development and integration of the sustainability culture.

She has an understanding of global sustainable development issues, with the experience and knowledge to translate these into local and personal action programmes appropriate to the business and culture.

Fran is experienced in global carbon accounting, reporting in line with external reporting requirements and standards. She continues to support the organisation in reducing its carbon emissions in line with long term targets and milestones.

She is responsible for the development of Amec Foster Wheeler's annual sustainability report in line with Global Reporting Initiative standards, and UN Global Compact COP requirements. She regularly engages with internal and external stakeholder groups to ensure that they understand our sustainability culture, and that we continue to improve our communications and our programme where applicable.